The Up Step

Most children’s step stools measure 13cm to 17cm high. The Pourty Up Step is a little taller at 21 cm high which is beneficial to the toilet training child. Because children are tending to potty train at a later stage these days,  they are tall enough to step on to a higher step stool. This extra height makes it easier for the child to get onto the toilet or reach the sink or counter.  Also, research shows that when a child’s feet are supported instead of dangling,  it helps them to go to the toilet. The taller Up Step provides that extra support and stability.

The Up Step is sturdy and strong, supporting the weight of an adult weighing up to 80Kg. It incorporates a non-slip top and base for safety and is light and easy to move around with the handles at both sides.

The Up Step comes in white with a blue top, pink top and green top and completes the Pourty Toilet Training Product Range. It co-ordinates with the Flexi-fit Toilet Trainer and the Pourty Easy to Pour potties in blue, pink, green and white.