Pourty Potty

“As seen and demonstrated on GMTV the cleverly-designed Pourty Potty has a clever design for efficient, mess-free emptying.”

Helpful potty training products recommended by Prima Baby

“I think it’s great value for money and I wish I had it for the older children when they were potty training it’s the easiest potty I have ever used.”

Star rating 5/5 – Babyworld parent panel review

“As soon as the Pourty potty arrived Maddison whipped off her nappy and sat reading her book for a good 5 minutes!!” 

Star rating 5/5 – Babyworld parent panel review

“The Pourty Potty is one of those products that leaves you thinking, “Why has no one invented this before?” Simple and thoughtfully designed, the Pourty Potty that does exactly what it says on the tin – no fuss and no mess – for a very reasonable price.”

Star rating 5/5 editor review on www.madeformums.com

“Potty training is hard enough without the added stress of trying to pour away wee wee without spilling it everywhere. Which is why we love this Pourty pouring potty” 

Practical Parenting

“The Pourty Potty is a really sturdy item and was really good at disposing of the contents in it…Would definitely recommend this product to you.” 

Star rating 5/5 – Member Review – The Baby Website

“It might not sound that ground-breaking to anybody that hasn’t recently attempted any form of potty training and, I dare say, you can manage without it but the Pourty potty is just far superior and much less messy than a traditional potty.”

Star rating 5/5- Reader review www.doyoo.co.uk

“This is by far the best potty size we have tried and it is Elliot’s favourite. Incredibly sturdy, comfortable and easy to use. It is also the only potty that I can safely allow Elliot to sit on without having to worry and supervise where his ‘tackle’ is and which direction it’s facing. The fact that it’s so easy to dispose of the waste and to clean are just added bonuses.”

Star rating 5/5 – Bizziebaby review

“We have trialed the Pourty and think it is a brilliant potty – there is no spilling when tipping into the toilet, they are easy to clean and far sturdier than other potties previously used.”

Buffer Bear Nurseries

“The great thing is that this potty isn’t just a good idea in principle (with the pouring out of a hole not over the edge), it is also really well designed so that it has a very stable base, it is a comfortable potty to sit on (well the little one seems to like it!), you pour out of the back (more hygienic) and it has a great handle at the front so it is easy to empty.”

Star rating 5/5 – Amazon customer review